Guest Artist November: Michelle Thompson

Digging into the soil the strange otherworldly environment appears - the roots and hairs appear to suck life out of the strange surrounds. The plant absorbs the life from the soil and it is able to thrive.  Growing, when the plant is able to absorb nutrients and water from soil.  


The process of absorption of nutrients via the hairs on the root and expel carbon dioxide once the plant has completed digestion appears to be from another world and alien to mankind.  However, science has determined that it is the process of bioavailability which controls the ability of the plant to grow.


Strangely, electrons travel an alien pathway in another world to expel the carbon dioxide whilst absorbing the nutrients from the soil for plants to thrive and grow.  This strange, other world that supports plant life is at the mercy of our climate and what we do it to. 


Thus, understanding how plants absorb nutrients and expel the byproducts is becoming increasingly important as the environment suffers from continued climate change.  Within this series of photographic works, I have created an otherworldly atmosphere to explore the plant’s ability to grow and thrive in a strange environment. 


July: Art to Wear

April, May: Blazing Colours

March: Wax and Clay

February: 'Critters' Opening Tuesday 6 February

The origin of the word derives from creature and refers to an animal or any living creature from a wolf to a spider. ‘e.g. ‘little furry critters’. In derogatory terms it also refers to a particular person.

January 2018