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Miriam Osmelak: Painter

I never had the opportunity to go to Art School and left school itself when I was 15 years old but the lure of the paint was always with me.

 I began work as an apprentice textile artist and learned to paint up my original designs in the days before computer assisted art work.

Unfortunately tarriff reductions had an unhappy impact on the Australian textile industry and also my job which ended after three years.

 After having my family in 1980 I went to Watercolour classes at my local community house where I was taught by a wonderful woman by the name of Pat Turner.  She opened a world of colour for me and I have not stopped my painting journey since then.

 I  am inspired by almost everything around me.  Small things, often overlooked things growing on the edges and outskirts of cities.  Light and colour, wildlife, old buildings and rusting objects intrigue me.  I am always chasing that elusive something that makes a painting come alive and sing.